Secure Document Delivery

Internet emails are not secure. Anyone on the internet between you and the recipient can easily intercept the message and gain full access to its content. For organizations looking for a way to securely deliver their own documents to their customers, we offer a secure document delivery portal to do just that. With security options, such as password protection and challenge response questions, along with delivery and download tracking, sending documents to your clients has never been more reliable and less risky for your business

The Challenge

Our Solution

  • Securely delivering and tracking your documents at a very low cost.
  • OWe offer a customizable delivery portal with security options of your choosing, along with download tracking for only $1.00 per transaction.

How it works

  1. Upload the package to our vault via a secure web page.
  2. Specify the recipient
  3. Define the requirements to retrieve the package such as knowing 3 or 5 key information
  4. Specify the expiration date and notification options
  5. Send to recipient
  6. Recipient gets an email notification with link to download package
  7. Recipient must authenticate by knowing the password or the answers to the challenge questions or both
  8. You get notified when all is complete or if the recipient did not pickup within the allotted time

Document formats:
PDF, Word, or PCL

Maximum file size:
Up to 5MB / file


  • Set document expiration date
  • Get notified when package is delivered
  • Ability to retract a package

Advantages of using our services

  • As an added feature, we provide custom labeling with your firm’s logo and language to the delivery emails and the download landing page at

Pricing: Priced at an incredibly low $1.00 per transaction, it’s hard to justify not using this service.

How to get started:

Order today or contact us for more information.

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