TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure News

TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures

By Jerry Bribiesca posted on September 30th 2015

The TRID effective date is just around the corner. Are you ready like we are? We decided to place all of our guides in one easy to find place.... Read full article

By Mike Patterson posted on June 26th 2015

Currently, many compliance audits can be performed before a loan is purchased by a simple review of the data on a loan's Good Faith Estimate and HUD I Settlement Statement. For covered loans closing with application dates on or after October 1, 2015... Read full article

By Jerry Bribiesca posted on May 28th 2015

Here at PPDocs we realize that your LOS or any other third party vendor may not be ready for October 3, 2015. These solutions may be very tightly integrated with your "brand". Why wait for them to limp across the finish line. Use our "tools" and "collaboration" branded to your needs. Read full article

By Jerry Bribiesca posted on May 28th 2015

By now everyone should be familiar with the rules that are effective October 3, 2015. Most lenders are waiting for their LOS system to release a test platform for the LE/CD Disclosures. However, have you thought of the other problems you may face? Do the words "10% baseline", "Simultaneous issue of Owner and Lender Title Policy", and "Filing Fee Calculator" make you nervous? Read full article

By Jerry Bribiesca posted on May 27th 2015

As everyone is aware, October will bring big changes to the way mortgage industry operates. TRID is not just about 2 new disclosures, it's changing the way lenders and settlement agents conduct business. Read full article

By Jerry Bribiesca posted on May 1st 2015

With Bank of America and Wells Fargo announcing that they will produce the Closing Disclosure, most banks will follow in their footsteps. How will you get the Settlement Agents data? Emails that get buried in their inbox? Faxes that you can't read clearly? How about an integrated solution that allows you to collaborate with settlement agents in real time? PPDocs, inc. has developed a solution that allows the Lenders to send an invitation to any settlement agent to input their fees. Read full article

By Venessa Snell posted on April 27th 2015

The major changes taking place for TRID come October 3, 2015, are bearing down on the industry. Now that most have a generalized concept of the larger cogs in this ticking clock, they are starting to dig deeper into the smaller components of the moving parts. One of these small components entails the tolerance categories we have become accustom to...Read full article

By Mike Patterson posted on January 27th 2015

An Independent Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Solution Is READY NOW, the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) are required for all residential covered loans that have applications dated on or after October 3, 2015. We are hearing that some loan origination software developers:...Read full article

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