Pre-Closing and Post-Closing Fulfillment

Our fulfillment services are perfect for those lenders that need assistance with CD review or a helping hand with the closing and delivery of secondary market loans. We offer a variety of services that can be customized and priced to fit your needs, such as Closing Disclosure Fee Review and final document delivery, with each service being priced individually or as a package. We can help meet your investor’s requirements for purchase and also keep your costs down by only charging you for the services that you need. Our fulfillment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Closing Disclosure Fee Review

    • Collaboration with settlement agent to obtain final settlement charges
    • Review of the estimated and closing fee amounts, as provided by the lender, for any tolerance violations
    • Perform audit checks to ensure loan is in compliance with state and federal regulations
    • Delivery of final Closing Disclosure to the lender
  • Funds Request

    • Create a net funding breakdown
    • Forward all applicable documentation (collateral package) to lender or warehouse bank for wire request
  • Funding Approval

    • Review copies of executed documents
    • Confirm all investor funding conditions have been met
    • Issue funding authorization to the title company
  • Closed Loan Package Audit and Delivery

    • Review closed loan package to ensure that all documents have been correctly signed, dated, and notarized
    • Ensure that any/all additional documentation is included in the package per the client/investor’s funding requirements
    • Scan closed loan package
    • Deliver original Note to investor
    • Stack and deliver closed loan package to the investor for purchase
    • Secure original closed loan package until investor purchase or return original package to client
  • Investor Purchase

    • Notify client of any discrepancies
    • Assist in obtaining necessary items
    • Forward purchase advice, if applicable
  • Final Document Delivery

    • Track and forward final and recorded document

Advantages of using our services

  • Avoid refunds to the borrower for tolerance issues by providing final CD that matches the final fees
  • Prevent purchase delays by ensuring that all investor closing and funding conditions have been met
  • No funding calculation and the right amount of money gets sent to the closing
  • Save time and money by letting someone else deal with all the paperwork and investor delivery guidelines
  • Select only the services you need and leave out the excess charges
  • Your process is simplified, streamlined, and pain free!

How to get started:

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