Interface for Encompass

Seamless, efficient access to your trusted document provider - all from the comfort of your own LOS.

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Go beyond "user-friendly". Go NOW.

PPDocs, Inc., as a longstanding Ellie Mae integration partner, is proud to provide our clients with a reliable, consistent, and truly seamless interface between Encompass and the PPDocs, Inc. proprietary document preparation system.

Request full closing packages & legal reviews without ever leaving the Encompass closing module

Flexibility of customized mapping options ensures robust data transfer & consistently sound data integrity

Bypass document request order forms to save processing time; data is pulled directly from your system of record

eFolder integration allows for disclosure tracking within Encompass

eFolder file picker allows for quick selection and uploading of support documents.

Switching to PPDocs NOW Interface

Switching is easy. Simply follow the simple steps in this demonstration.

Enabling Order Form Bypass Feature

You have the option to bypass the order forms and immediately get an order number without leaving Encompass. This feature is very powerful and will save you a lot of time. This feature requires setup and test loans to ensure data quality.

Encompass Marketplace API

Directly connect your Encompass eFolder with PPDocs via API. Quickly select support documents when requesting doc-prep service.


Answer: For Texas Home Equity orders Field 299 in Encompass must be Cash-Out Other (Note: Texas Home Equity (A6) loans require the order form to be completed and cannot exercise the bypass function at this time)
When the Undiscounted Rate is equal to, or less than the Note Rate, AND the Bona Fide box is checked, the stop audit will fire.

If the Bona Fide box is NOT checked the stop audit will not fire and you get this warning instead –

This information is located under Tool>File Contacts by clicking the Add Contact icon:
Contact support at now@ppdocs.com
Return to the Lender Setup screen and select the legal description preference
These documents can be uploaded as supporting documents and they can be added to the wet package to be executed at closing.
If these are documents that will always be needed then we can add into our system and include them when a Hybrid package is requested

Click on Product Selection in your settings to enable/view more order forms - Visible Order Forms
Whenever the yearly amount due is overridden in encompass you MUST click the Setup button for it to import the overridden amount.
Navigate to the HELOC Management screen and enter $25 in the field HELOC.RtdChkChgAmt and then resubmit: