Privacy & Confidentiality Policy

Protecting the information you provide to us is important, and at PPDocs, Inc. we recognize our obligation to keep the information supplied to us secure and confidential.

In compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, we do not collect, distribute or share nonpublic personal client information with other parties, including government agencies. We do not capture, sell or aggregate nonpublic personal borrower information you provide to us. We may disclose information to a non-affiliated third party only to the extent it would be lawful to do so if done directly by a financial institution to that non-affiliated third party.

We may provide limited, identifying information, such as name, address and phone number to non-affiliated companies, such as settlement agents, to meet the specific needs of our clients and to carry out the purpose for which the information was disclosed to us.

Any nonpublic personal information we receive is at the discretion of the financial institution for the purpose of effectuating a transaction that a consumer requests or authorizes in connection with processing a financial product or transaction.

Our services are usual, appropriate and acceptable methods of carrying out the financial transaction in the ordinary course of business, and our services aid a financial institution in enforcing its rights and in complying with federal, state, or local laws, rules and other applicable legal requirements.

We limit employee access to personal information to those employees with a business reason for knowing the information. Employees who violate our privacy policy and confidentiality commitment will be subject to our normal disciplinary process.

We do not disclose any proprietary information about clients or former clients to anyone, except as legally required or as permitted by law.

We may, on occasion, send information about products, services, or legal issues to registrants of this website via e-mail or other forms of communication.