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PPDocs, Inc. is the preferred document preparation provider for Farmer Mac. Working closely with Farmer Mac, we have developed a national set of real estate loan documents conforming to the specific guidelines of the Farmer Mac Farm and Ranch mortgage loan program.

Farmer Mac continues to provide flexible credit solutions and expanded lending options to the farming industry, and PPDocs has stepped up to deliver customizable loan documents that are easy to use and that comply with all regulatory and other requirements for Farmer Mac loans. Lenders that participate in Farmer Mac loan programs can save time and money for themselves and their borrowers with PPDocs’ express document preparation services for all Farmer Mac real estate loans and other rural lending products.

Sellers will benefit from our link in Farmer Mac’s AgPower® Loan Origination System, which imports your data directly into our PPDocs order form.

Our no contract, pay-as-you-go system is efficient and easy to use. Simply login, enter your loan information, print your documents, or forward them to your servicer.

Our express document services have built in checkpoints for compliance and accuracy. There is never a charge for redraws and we are always here to help.


The Challenge

1. Maintaining a huge document library as well as obtaining the current documentation and loan requirements required by Investors.

2. Selecting the right documents for a particular transaction is daunting and overwhelming.

3. Document assembly for complex transactions such as those with a Trust as borrower, guarantors, and non-borrowers.

The Solution

1. The document library at PPDocs, Inc is maintained by full time staff and compliance personnel. The documents are updated as new rules and regulations require them. Our experienced staff knows your investor's requirements and the documents needed.

2. Our document selection engine will analyze your loan data and automatically suggest the documents you need.

3. Our assembly engine is pre-programmed to detect the parties involved and automatically insert their information on specific documents as needed.


Documents Included:

  • State and loan program specific Note plus Addendum and/or Allonge if necessary

  • Mortgage or Deed of Trust and applicable Riders

  • Assignment of Lien

  • Any ancillary documents required by Farmer Mac

  • Attorney Invoice

Advantages of PPDocs Farmer Mac Loan Documents

50-state compliance

PPDocs has Famer Mac loan documents that are specific to each state and that comply with all guidelines of the Farmer Mac “I Farm” and Ranch Mortgage loan programs. These documents include open or closed end security instruments, fixed, adjustable, and variable rate promissory notes, and select riders that address specific issues such as irrigation and water rights. Regardless of where a Farmer Mac loan is originated or where the assets are located that secure the loan, PPDocs can provide loan documents that are fully compliant with federal and local laws and guidelines.

Link with Farmer Mac’s AgPower® Loan Origination System

Lenders that already partner with Farmer Mac are likely using its AgPower online loan origination system. PPDocs loan documentation services are linked directly into AgPower. A lender enters data into AgPower once, and the PPDocs system propagates that data throughout the loan documents. This reduces all risks of errors and inconsistencies and saves time and resources for the lender.

Greater accuracy and assurances of compliance with Farmer Mac guidelines and regulations.

Farmer Mac guidelines and regulations are subject to revision at any time. PPDocs loan documents have built-in checkpoints for accuracy and for compliance with those regulations. You pay as you use the PPDocs system and have no repeating contractual payment obligations. The system generates the loan documents that you need automatically and efficiently.


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