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PPDocs, Inc. also specializes in residential bank loans not sold in the secondary market. Whether an investment property, home improvement, or lot loan, we do what most other firms cannot. Our strength is our flexibility and years of experience.

We can also work with you to set up a portfolio of documents and loan programs customized for your company. Lender specific language can be inserted in Notes and Deed of Trusts designed to meet the bank's policies and procedures (i.e. default language, late fees, special covenants for yearly tax returns, etc.)

Our years of experience ensure you get you what you need quickly and accurately.

The Challenge

1. Finding documents that go beyond the capability of most Loan Origination Systems and firms.

2. Selecting the right documents for a particular transaction is daunting and overwhelming

The Solution

1. Our systems are designed to handle almost any type of loan. This is especially beneficial when ordering loans with complex characteristics, such as an adjustable rate loan with daily interest calculations or uncommon payment frequencies. Multiple Notes or Multiple county documents are easily provided.

2. Our document selection engine together with our experienced staff will analyze your loan data and suggest the documents you need.

Why Choose PPDocs for Your Custom Bank Loan Documents?

PPDocs, Inc. is a full-service and end-to-end document preparation provider. Our end goal is simple: to improve your timeliness and accuracy – all while reducing errors and the associated frustrations that come with repetitive data inputting and management.

Lenders take full advantages of our services, including:

A full-time staff versed in industry compliance. Most staff members have backgrounds in lending institutions or worked as former general counsels or judicial clerks. We actively engage with entities at the federal and state level to ensure adherence.
A web-based system. We send completed loan documents and answer questions promptly through our Web portal. No need to rely on fax machines or traditional mail to get a paper document back to you. All forms are electronically signed.
Our network, systems, and operational framework utilize the latest cybersecurity implementations for ensuring safe processing and recordkeeping of sensitive documents.
Free personalized training – we support your in-house staff on how to locate, prepare, and process the correct documents. We provide a whole range of free resources and tools to your staff, including interactive TRID calendars and 10% baseline calculators.

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