Mechanics Lien Loan Documents

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PPDocs, Inc. has decades of experience in residential construction document preparation. We can help you document loans with multiple draw Notes, one-time closings, or even loans with guarantors. Texas requires a Residential Construction Contract be executed between owner(s) and contractor(s) and filed of record prior to any work being commenced.

The Challenge

1. Obtaining the required documentation to meet Texas Homestead and Mechanic’s lien laws and perfecting the lien prior to work commencing for Texas properties.

The Solution

1. We provide the required liens and documentation to meet Texas Homestead and Mechanic’s lien laws. Instructions are provided along with documentation to file the Residential Construction Contract of record prior to any work commencing.


Advantages of using our services:

Our flexibility and accessibility allow us to do what most others firms cannot. Our systems provide as many contractor liens as needed for multiple building projects i.e. house, pool, utilities, set up, etc.


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