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For more than 30 years, PeirsonPatterson LLP has provided consistent, reliable legal document preparation services in accordance with federal guidelines. Our leading technology enables clients to easily order, produce, deliver, print, track, and receive accurate document packages through our website with our Express Service. As a Texas law firm specializing in real estate law, we are always happy to provide more personal attention for clients who prefer Full Service legal document preparation.






Full legal document preparation services are the traditional method of doing business, where a client provides data through our website and faxes over support documents like title commitments and surveys. A legal professional personally checks each document for completion, accuracy, and consistency. Documents are tailored to state, investor, and lender specifications. In a nutshell, quality control review by a legal expert is the difference between traditional and express service.

  • We take care of document selection and compliance.

    This time-consuming task is done by knowledgeable professionals.

  • PPDocs works with your investor.

    Our traditional products allow for easy processing of very complex documentation.

  • Fees paid by borrower at closing.

    Billing is transparent, on a per-transaction basis, with no up-front charges or extra fees.

  • No contracts or commitments. Pay only for the services you use.

    PPDocs' clients can enjoy the à la carte specialty service, hassle-free.


Express service allows clients access to a document library with all the tools necessary to assemble and deliver document packages. Our most popular Express products include loan estimates, closing disclosures, e-Disclosures, aggregate escrow analysis, and initial federal disclosures.

  • Faster turnaround time. Loan packages are generated online in seconds.

    You can create loan documents through our site immediately after a quick five-minute registration.

  • Lower cost. Billed monthly by transaction with no redraw fee. Volume discounts available.

    Save money with e-Disclosure forms for $3, escrow analysis for $5, and loan estimates for $15.

  • Control. You can select and get documents 24/7.

    You have full control over the entire process from start to finish.

  • At your service training sessions.

    If desired, access free, personalized training for 1-20 staff members to learn advanced tips and tricks.

  • Beautiful work environment.

    Provides and easy, intuitive system for organizing, producing, and sending necessary documentation.

  • Intelligent suggestions.

    Get a suggested list of possible documents you may need.

  • We have your back.

    Thousands of electronic audits throughout the ordering process help keep you in compliance.


Why PPDocs?

No matter which type of service you choose, our team is here to assist you. We hire only the best and stand behind our work with a rock-solid guarantee.

Our online system is very intuitive, but we are happy to go the extra mile with training for your staff. PPDocs’ convenient web-based system is attuned to our fast-paced world – meaning, no waiting for fax machines or snail mail to get your documents in order.

We offer a wide range of documents, including first lien residential mortgage loans, secondary loans, open-end home equity lines of credit, property improvement loans, and construction lending transactions. We provide forms for all 50 states that meet all FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and local regulatory guidelines. Our years of quality control expertise leads to quick detection of small errors before they become big problems.


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