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You need timely, accurate, and cost-efficient loan modifications. PPDocs, Inc. has put our decades of industry expertise to work in developing a custom solution to help you and your customers with workout loan modifications. Whether you need a standalone service or full service, we can work with you to provide integrated results.

We are set up to handle your most complex modifications, such as extend maturity, step rate, and principle reductions. We are also set up to do Streamlined Modifications and Way Forward Modifications. We have an API ready to integrate with your processing system. We can process one at a time via XML Webservice, or we can generate them in bulk - the choice is yours.


The Challenge

1. Modifying an existing loan can be challenging because each situation is different requiring impossibly large numbers of document sets.

2. The rules and regulations are unclear and it is difficult to stay in compliance when modifying a loan.

The Solution

1. We have designed a flexible loan modification agreement. We simply tell it about the existing loan and how we want to modify it. The system automatically builds the required language and correctly selects supplemental documents for the closing package.

2. Our experienced staff will analyze the situation and provide documents and disclosures as needed.


Advantages of using our services:

No setup fee or other charges

No contracts or minimum usage requirements

Minimum setup time

Low per-package transaction fee

Itemized monthly billing

eRecording available in participating counties (additional fee applies)

FedEx shipping label integration

Our commitment to providing workout loan modifications

We are committed to assisting our clients and industry partners to meet the demands of the market. Our customized express modification package is here for that very purpose. Our staff, experienced in Loan Modifications, has the know-how to deliver the automation and bulk processing you need.

Our loan modification Application Programming Interface (API) increases productivity, speed, and accuracy in a way that fits your current platform. Our loan modification API is backed by our more than twenty years of loan document service to the real estate industry.

Benefits of outsourcing loan modification

During challenging times, you need fast and flexible products that can ease the pressure on your internal resources. When you entrust your loan-modification needs to PPDocs, you can return to concentrating on the big picture.

It is incumbent upon lenders to keep current as regulations evolve. PPDocs provides a solution that allows your modifications to be processed efficiently throughout regulatory changes. You can be sure the resulting documents are prepared in strict accordance with modification standards and goals, as well as relevant federal rules like RESPA.

Why use an API?

When you partner with PPDocs, you can keep your existing technology - there is no need to change what works for you. We provide an application that integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide customized results.

Businesses across industries are integrating digital features like APIs because of their enormous benefits, such as: improved accuracy, reduced costs, and minimal setup.


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