Aggregate Escrow Disclosure

Run calculations used to establish the initial escrow account.

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When the need arises to disclose to the borrower the calculations used to establish the initial escrow account can help.
With our express Aggregate Escrow Disclosure, you will get the Aggregate Escrow Account Disclosure Statement and the Calculation of Escrow Adjustment Entry. Simply provide the principal and interest amount with the taxes and insurance information, and let our system do the rest.

This product can be used independently of our PPDocs traditional web-based loan documentation platform. It is a standalone product and does not require any software installation or other interface. After a quick registration, you can be printing your own documents, paying per document created, with no additional fees.


The Challenge

1. How do you maintain a huge document library with all the closing document files you need?
2. How do you know you have all the right paperwork to be in compliance with the law?
3. Where do you find the documentation investors need to fulfill their loans?
4. How can you perform the necessary aggregate escrow calculations quickly and accurately?

The Solution

1. The document library at PPDocs, Inc. is maintained by full-time staff and compliance personnel.
2. The documents are updated as new rules and regulations require them.
3. Our experienced legal team knows your investor's requirements and the documents needed.
4. Our service is fast, accessible 24/7, and affordable.


Advantages of using our services:

With no contract to sign or lengthy setup, you can register and order documents today. Use it as often or as little as you like. Most customers read this page, sign-up, and generate their first package within an hour. The PPDocs system is intuitive and easy enough to use for beginners to figure it out with ease. If you desire one-on-one training for yourself or new staff members handling the accounts, our team is happy to provide that service, free of charge.

While some of our products are available with full-service review and oversight from Texas legal personnel, the Aggregate Escrow Disclosure is offered by Express service only. That means you have full control over data integrity. Our product makes it easy to come up with accurate totals by inputting a few simple amounts. Full-service document reviews start at $75, but the Express Aggregate Escrow Disclosure costs just $5 per document.

As a Texas law firm specializing in compliance, we keep up on changing rules and regulations that affect closing packages and sales in all 50 states. Our forms are guaranteed to meet all VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA legal requirements. We treat every client, big or small, with the respect and personal attention they deserve.


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