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Express legal document services from PPDocs, Inc. offer state and federal government documents that affect title only. When all you need are Notes, Addendums, Security Instruments, Riders, Allonges and Assignments, PPDocs has what you need without unnecessary added baggage. Simply login, enter your loan information, and print your documents.

As with other PPDocs products, our “express legal documents only” service meets our strict quality controls and guarantees.


The Challenge

1. Access to documents - it takes significant resources to maintain a full-sized document library and to always have access to current documentation and loan requirements required by investors.

2. Selecting the right documents for a particular transaction is daunting and overwhelming, with any mistake carrying the potential for legal and financial losses.

3. Unauthorized practice of law.

The Solution

1. The document library at PPDocs, Inc. is maintained by full time staff and compliance personnel. The documents are updated as new rules and regulations require them. Our experienced staff knows your investor's requirements and the documents needed.

2. Our document selection engine will automatically analyze your loan data and suggest documents you need.

3. This package contains the documents that affect title and are prepared by an attorney.

Documents included in express legal documents package

The PPDocs express legal-only documents package includes the necessary documents you need to transfer property in accordance with state and federal laws. Each document is prepared with your file-specific information and complies with state-specific requirements. Included are:

State and loan program specific Note plus Addendum and/or Allonge if necessary

Mortgage or Deed of Trust and applicable Riders

Assignment of Lien

Attorney Invoice

We make the process as simple as possible, while providing a sophisticated product.

Save time with express legal document services

Express legal documents through PPDocs give you just what you need - legal documents only. This option does not provide the ancillary documents, but instead offers just the state and federal government documents that affect title.

We take the guesswork out of the legal document preparation process. Our document library contains every form you may need to meet obligations in your jurisdiction. Our professionally-trained staff keeps the library up to date, ensuring your documents will be based on current state and federal requirements. In addition, we provide quality control checks for errors, preventing the mole hills that could become mountains.

You can rest assured that legal documents through PPDocs are prepared with the same quality and attention to detail as other real estate and mortgage products.

Guaranteed quality with express legal documents only

Our express legal documents only service is an advanced product recommended for real estate professionals or real estate attorneys. It provides the key documents you need to effectuate a title while remaining in compliance.

The service is simple and self-contained on our website. Once you log in, you can enter your loan information and your documents will be ready to print right away. Our express document services offer speed and convenience without sacrificing quality, as your data will pass through our checkpoint system for compliance and accuracy.


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