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With every order form you create, PPDocs, Inc. submits your loan information through our robust audit platform. In seconds, we analyze thousands of rules and regulations and we can tell you if you are within tolerance, subject to section 32 or section 35 analysis, and much, much more. We keep track of the hard stuff so that you can focus on your customers' needs. Audits are constantly evaluated and changed so that the most up to date information is being double checked. When it comes to protecting you from being out of compliance, no one has you covered better than PPDocs, Inc.


We have four types of audits

  • Passed

    We display these audits when you want to know specifically that you passed something, such as Section 35 analysis. They will be indicated by a green check mark.

  • FYI

    We display these audits when we feel that you might like to know something. It's simply for your information and can be anything from a new product, a new seminar, or special hours for holidays. They will be indicated by a light bulb.

  • Warning

    We display these audits when a particular audit has failed, but you can continue as long as you acknowledge that you know that it is against the suggestion. It can be anything from a missing loan number to something that is against the typical norm, even if it isn't incorrect. These are indicated in orange with a checkbox for you to acknowledge that you have read the audit and agree to continue.

  • Stop

    We display these audits when your loan fails an audit and you may not continue until it is corrected. Typically, these types of audits are designed to keep your loan within compliance. These are shown with a red X and you will not be able to continue any further.


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