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ARM Program Disclosure

1) Program Name


2) How interest rate and payment are determined

Does this loan have a balloon?
Interest rate will be based on
Will the resulting sum be rounded?
The index is based on
Information about the index is
The current Index is the most recent figure available
The start rate is
Other information:

3) How interest rate can change

The interest rate is fixed for the first and can change every periods thereafter.
or decrease more than percentage points.
percentage points at each adjustment.
percentage points over the term of the loan.
% over the life of the loan.
% over the life of the loan.
Other information:

4) How payment can change

The payment change frequency is
at each adjustment.
Notify in writing at least 210, but no more than 240, days before the first payment adjustment.
Notify in writing at least 60, but no more than 120, days before the due date of a payment at a new level.
Other information:

5) Additional Features

Is the loan convertible?
Conversion fee: $
Beginning conversion period:
Ending conversion period:
Days notice of intent to convert:
Information regarding conversion option to fixed rate (if applicable):
Is there a demand feature?
Is the signature of the applicant required?
Other information / features:


Initial Interest Rate:
Loan Term:
Effective date:

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Last revised: Aug 26, 2013

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