About PPDocs, Inc.

PPDocs is a document preparation service powered by Peirson Patterson. (Arlington)

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PPDocs, Inc. is a Texas law firm specializing in the preparation of residential real estate documents nationwide. Our team of real estate legal professionals are eager to provide any institution the loan document preparation service they seek to gain or maintain an edge over their competition. PPDocs, Inc. is a name industry professionals recognize and trust. With over twenty years of service, PPDocs, Inc. has built a reputation of providing quick and affordable, quality loan document services via our dynamic web-based legal document ordering platform.

Our Clients

PPDocs, Inc.’s clients range from the smallest community banks to the largest national lenders. We pride ourselves in being accessible to all our clients, no matter how large or small they may be.

Our Services

Whether it is a FHA purchase, Texas Home Equity, Construction to Permanent, or special bank product, we can accommodate any loan type or purpose. Through the use of this website our clients are given the freedom and control they desire to order, track, and receive their real estate documents via the World Wide Web. Delivery of your real estate documents is made even easier with the use of web based document viewing and printing options.

Increasing your organization's profitability and productivity while decreasing costs are our goals here at PPDocs.com. We achieve these goals by allowing our clients to streamline their workflow at all stages of the mortgage loan ordering process. At PPDocs.com, you can order, receive, and store various mortgage services including, but not limited to, completing the application, obtaining automated initial / early disclosures, and ordering final loan closing documents. You may also retrieve our products by using any computer connected to the World Wide Web.

Please take time to register and explore our site to see how PPDocs.com can benefit your organization. You can test drive the online document ordering system by clicking here.